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Aside from the donors, butchers, unfortunate few who fall prey to lycanthropes and vampires, and the privileged few who manage to associate themselves with the underworld in other means, humans (Homo sapiens) also play one important role in vampire culture: The Hunter.

Hunters, usually either traveling in groups of varying skill or existing on their own, are lethal to supernatural prey. They know their quarry, and they know it well. Whether driven by misguided religious principles, revenge, or simply adrenaline, they are foe not to be trifled with.

Many city Masters have worked out arrangements with local hunters where they may be employed to eliminate rogues and problem vampires—or as part of political posturings and schemings. However, many hunters are not so discerning with their prey, and any he who turns to a wolf by moon or who burns in the sun could find themselves in a most precarious situation.

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